OPENCHOICE is a new model that defies conventional thinking about how storage is procured and deployed. By eliminating Big Storage’s tightly-controlled, three-year storage refresh cycles and removing capacity-based pricing, OPENCHOICE Storage puts the choice to innovate, reuse and save back in the hands of IT.
Buy YOUR own storage media, from YOUR supplier, and use it where YOU want.

CPU, memory and SSD technology evolve at 3-4x the rate of the standard three-year storage OEM refresh cycle, leaving you and your data center well behind the technology curve. The inability to reuse media across storage devices, even arrays from the same vendor, results in Trapped Capacity, which is storage capacity and CapEx stranded in fixed siloed environments. By disaggregating storage from compute and allowing you to use your own media, Pavilion Data does away with Lock-in Refresh Cycles, empowering you to arbitrage freely on declining SSD prices, increasing capacity and upgrade on your own timeline. Most major NVMe SSDs are already supported, and we are always qualifying new SSDs.

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Flat pricing NOT tied to storage capacity; EVER!

We don’t think it makes any sense for you to pay us 400% markup on SSDs that we did not manufacture, and the same goes for capacity based pricing. Why should you pay for maintenance, support and software based upon capacity? We don’t think you should be subjected to these Predatory Business Models, which is why we have one flat price, guaranteed not to change for the lifetime of the array, regardless of capacity. OPENCHOICE is designed to let you expand performance and capacity independently, just-in-time.

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All-inclusive, SIMPLE, cloud-like subscription price guaranteed for the lifetime of the array.

You should not have to pay today’s prices for next year’s capacity. OPENCHOICE enables you to scale performance and capacity independently. You pay a fixed price per line card and an annual subscription guaranteed not to change for the life of the array, regardless of capacity. The subscription price includes HW Warranty + Support + Maintenance + all SW features and future SW upgrades, FOREVER. And YES, we support the entire system, even if we don’t sell the storage media. The buck stops with us. Period. And when needed, license more media slots to add more drives. Any capacity drives for that matter.

“In today’s dynamic business environment, IT organizations are looking for more flexibility in meeting their evolving enterprise storage needs. Programs like Pavilion Data’s OPENCHOICE Storage provide more degrees of freedom in choosing the storage media which best meets their requirements, giving customers the ability to quickly move to new media technologies as they become available while still leveraging the unique benefits of Pavilion Data’s storage architecture.”
Eric Burgener, research vice president of Storage at IDC


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