Create, collaborate and monetize digital assets with ease at speed and scale.  Pavilion Data’s NVMe-oF Storage Platform is the ultimate performance storage system to underpin IBM Spectrum Scale, Pixit Media, and Quantum StorNext shared file systems.  With strategic partners focused on your creations, we make hi-res workflows low hassle.

Media Workflow


Being able to edit fully uncompressed video with multiple collaborators is critical to delivering your next multimedia masterpiece. This kind of performance traditionally requires purchasing as much as 4x the amount of media required, leaving excess capacity stranded for a single media asset.


With zero host footprint and 120 GB/sec of throughput, Pavilion Data can support ten seats with six streams of 60fps uncompressed 4K video against an exact size of media asset, enabling you to get more done, faster. Now that’s a blockbuster!
Pavilion Data delivers extreme performance, density, and utilization for Media & Entertainment applications. Combine 1PB of capacity in a 4RU package with 120GB/s throughput and 40µsec latency, and you can work in native resolution while reducing copy and render times.